Guy blowing a smoke ring from vaping flower

How to Blow Vape Rings and Bubbles

Impress Your Friends with Vape Rings andBubbles

Let me set the scene for you. You are sitting in your favorite bar, engaging in conversation with some friends, and enjoying the crisp, refreshing taste of your PBR. Feeling good about yourself, you pull out your vaporizer and take a hit. But when you exhale, all that comes out is a half-hearted, shapeless stream that calls no attention to yourself at all. You didn’t get all dressed up to go out just to have no one pay attention to you. What are you missing? What is that special je ne sais quoi that you need in order to be the center of attention? The answer is awesome vape tricks.

Everyone has to start somewhere, and the most basic of vape tricks is the ring. So I’m going to set you on the road to blowing the best vape rings you can blow.

There are several different methods you can employ. I’ll be covering the most common method in this tutorial. Most methods have one thing in common, and it is first thing to master. You want the vapor to form a specific shape when it comes out, so you have to form a specific shape with your mouth to accomplish this. Open your mouth in the shape of an oval.

That sounds simple enough, but the complication is lip placement. You should never ignore the importance of lip placement in any area of your life, including the area of doing awesome vape tricks to impress your friends. To blow a ring, you want to hold your lips flat against your teeth. In attempting to do this, there are two common mistakes to avoid. You don’t want to pucker your lips out as if you were preparing to drink from a straw. You also don’t want to overcorrect by curling your lips inward. The rings do not require protection from painful teeth. Mastering mouth shape is essential. Try practicing in front of a mirror to make sure your lip placement is correct. If you share living space with others, you should probably close the door first. You don’t want to embarrass yourself.

Once you’ve mastered the shape, you need to move onwards and work on another important aspect, namely capturing the vapor. This sounds pretty obvious, but try doing a vape trick for the first time without thinking this through, and you are likely to meet with abject failure. Ideally, you want to draw enough smoke into your mouth to make distinct rings, but not enough to make you choke. Practice this first, because nothing is more humiliating than saying to your friends, “Hey, watch this!” and following it up with nothing happening, or worse, with a fit of coughing and sputtering. “That was amazing, can you teach me how to choke like that?” is not the response you are looking for.

Now the only thing left to do is push the e-cig vapor out in the desired shape. This is where methods differ. I will be covering the “coughing method,” which is the most common. Don’t confuse “coughing” with the hacking and sputtering that will ensue if you are overzealous in your vape intake. In this method you will be using very light coughs in the front of your throat to push the vapor out. Getting the correct level of force can be difficult. Too violent a cough will cause the ring to break up before it ever exits your mouth. The cough should be light enough that you can nearly hear it, though no one else can.

No one gets this statistically perfectly the first time. In fact, your first time is usually fairly awful. Be gentle with yourself. Take your time. Above all, as when developing any new skill, keep on practicing. Eventually, you will know how to blow vape rings, bubbles and tricks like a boss.