Guy blowing a smoke ring from vaping flower

Learn How To Vape Cannabis Flower

Most vape users think that vaping only uses oil and its concentrates. With advancement in the legalization of vapes, there has been an uprising of new and fascinating types of cannabis vaporizers. Bud condensation is now possible, all thanks to the newly designed and unique cannabis vaporizers. The bud vaporizes, when heated to its condensation point, produces thick vapor.

Before you visit a dispensary of your choice, here is all the information you need to know on how to vape cannabis flower.

Equipment Required

The newly designed vaporizers extract vapor directly from the cannabis flower. Other types of vaporizers, however, require specific cartridges with oil. These cartridges or concentrates are irrelevant in the process of vaporizing cannabis flowers. Hence consumers have to buy a uniquely designed vape pen. The vape pen is designed to superheat the cannabis flower to produce vapor.

There are several reliable cannabis flower vaporizers in the market today. An example is PAX, which is famous for its effectiveness and efficiency. PAX vape pens are easy to use and have various sizes and colors from which you can choose from. They are also recommendable to new cannabis flower consumers.

PAX vape pens also have an adjustable setting feature that determines the heat or power used while vaping. This feature ensures no overheating or using less heat while vaping.

Why Vape Cannabis Flower?

Cannabis VapingConsumers prefer to vape flowers for several reasons. One common reason is the convenience involved in the use of vaporizers. Dry herb vape pens are convenient and easy to clean, making the cannabis vaporizing process simple and smooth. Pipe and bongs, however, require consistent cleaning as you use them.

Another reason is that dry herb vaporizers are easy to carry around and use. With traditional smoking equipment or pipes, you need preparation and an ideal environment to use. Cannabis flower vaporizers, however, can be used anywhere.

With a dry herb pen, you can walk around while using it with ease.

How To Vape Cannabis Flower Properly

Every vape pen user knows the basics of how to vape dry herb. Even first time users can learn the basics with minimal help. However, there are essential things to remember before using a vape pen.

One of them is the cannabis flower vape pen requires a lot of patience before vaporizing, unlike the bongs. When using vape pens, heating cannabis to the point of vapor extraction requires a lot of time. The situation is, however, different with bongs because they light up immediately after ignition.

Another point to note is that some of the dry herb pens have power settings that can be adjusted. These adjustments help to tell the time required for the cannabis to burn. Also, the power settings can inform you about the power and strength of each cannabis load. An example is when you set the pen’s capacity to ‘high,’ a long-lasting heat with heavy thick clouds of vapor is produced. On the other hand, if you wish to lower your intake, you can adjust the power setting to low to moderate smoke.

As you prepare to get your cannabis vape flowers, ensure you get the best cannabis products a good dispensary . They offer products like pre-rolls, concentrates, edibles, cartridges, and cannabis flowers. Our welcoming staff will guide and advise you on all these products. For more information, shop at a local dispensary to check out products for yourself or visit our online dispensary menu today.